NMPHI Objectives

Published by: NMPHI

New Mainers Public Health Initiative (NMPHI) is a nonprofit community-based organization that strives to engage, empower, inform, advocate and educate New Mainer residents on public health subject matters.

September 4, 2019

NMPHI is committed to empower, inform, and educate New Mainers on health-related information. It is also committed to developing the capacity of the communities by mobilizing the communities’ partnerships through assessment, to solve health problems, thereby, bridging the gap of healthcare service.


  • To educate New Mainers to overcome healthcare barriers,
  • To empower New Mainers to actively participate in their diagnoses by learning about the disease,
  • To promote preventive measures through dietary changes,
  • To increase the level of knowledge and awareness of certain diseases,
  • To increase the cultural competence of healthcare providers with an emphasis on refugees and immigrants’ traditions, religion, and cultural beliefs and how these affect perceptions and expectations,
  • To develop culturally appropriate health education materials to effectively communicate preventive health messages to the New Mainers,
  • And to share resources and materials with New Mainers and healthcare providers, and other agencies throughout Maine to increase overall awareness of refugee health needs.

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