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New Mainers Public Health Initiative (NMPHI) is a nonprofit community-based organization that strives to engage, empower, inform, advocate and educate New Mainer residents on public health subject matters. NMPHI has programs that provide emotional support, community care (COVID testing, transportation, and social services), health literacy and vaccine equity. NMPHI team is a diverse group of individuals working as one, to advocate on behalf of their communities for better access to health care resources.

New Mainers Public Health Initiative

Our mission

NMPHI focuses on identifying and addressing health inequities. Working with its’ community to bridge the gap between the people and the healthcare providers to minimize health disparities and inequality. In order to improve the health of the population we serve, another aspect of NMPHI’s goal is to encourage healthy behaviors and alter the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of those we serve. NMPHI advocates for the marginalized community to build stronger and healthier members of the community.

Our vision

The vision of NMPHI is to create awareness of health, through health literacy, and health promotion. By creating community health workers programs through activity and advocacy to access a healthy environment, healthy eating habits, and access to health care without barriers of language, race, or ethnicity.

Our story

NMPHI: Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Youth and Families for Better Health

New Mainers Public Health Initiative (NMPHI) is a pioneering organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of immigrant and refugee youth and their families. Founded by passionate students from local colleges and universities, NMPHI emerged with the goal of giving back to their community and fostering positive change in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to health.

Recognizing the pressing health issues faced by the community, NMPHI was established to address these challenges and provide effective solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to promoting healthy habits and empowering individuals to take control of their healthcare. Through innovative initiatives, NMPHI teaches new approaches to purchasing, storing, preparing, and consuming food, while fostering a deeper understanding of disease management and control.

At NMPHI, we firmly believe in the power of community engagement. As an integral part of the community we serve, we have cultivated strong relationships with individuals and organizations alike. We act as a bridge between community members and healthcare providers, ensuring that the unique needs of our immigrant and refugee population are understood and met.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We actively partner with other agencies that serve New Mainers in the L/A area, forming a united front to tackle health disparities and promote equitable access to healthcare. As members of the New Mainers Community Collaborative, we actively contribute to collective efforts aimed at fostering holistic well-being for all.

Join NMPHI on our journey to transform lives and build a healthier future for immigrant and refugee communities. Together, we can create a society where individuals are empowered to seek better health habits, gain knowledge about medical diagnoses and treatment plans, and become advocates for primary and secondary prevention. Let’s pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

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