Have passion for serving your community?

Mainly in Lewiston but may have to work and travel to cities in Androscoggin County (mileage reimbursement available).

Job Description:

Community health workers (CHWs) are front line public health workers that educate, advocate and empower community members on a variety of health issues and link them to available community resources and programs.

CHWs are trained to provide a range of health services, including the promotion of a tobacco-free lifestyle, nutrition education, prevention and management of chronic diseases, education, promotion of healthy lifestyles among youth, and skills for immigrants/refugees to navigate the U.S. health system.

• Act as a liaisons between health organizations and the community they serve.
• Providing resources and support needed to cope with chronic, acute, and terminal illnesses.
• Advocate for and connect client to vital resources such as financial assistance, legal aid, housing, job placement, education, and/or social/peer support.
• Ability to access and employ community resources.
• Conduct all activities and interactions in a professional, caring manner.
• Work in a cooperative and collaborative manner as a team member.
• Attendance of all mandatory meetings, supervisions and trainings.
• Ability to turn in up-to-date daily progress notes and additional comments and reports in a timely manner.


• Must be at least 18 years of age.
• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Reliable transportation and a clean driving record is a must.
• Prove of insurance of vehicle.
• Compassionate, caring attitude.
• Willingness to work with people of diverse backgrounds.
• Flexible scheduling.

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    (207) 241-0546


    124 – 276 Lisbon St,
    Lewiston, ME 04240

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