New Mainers Public Health Initiative

NMPHI serves as the leading health related, ethnic-based organization directly serving the needs of the immigrant and refugee youth and their families. We educate and empower Mainers to overcome social and health challenges.

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NMPHI focuses on identifying and addressing health inequities. Working with its community to bridge the gap between the people and the healthcare providers to minimize health disparities and inequality. In order to improve the health of the population we serve, another aspect of NMPHI’s goal is to encourage healthy behaviors and alter the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of those we serve. NMPHI advocates for the marginalized community to build stronger and healthier members of the community.

NMPHI works every day to expand health equity in Maine. We do this through our own training and resources, as well as by partnering with other organizations trying to advance equity in the state.

Our goals


New Mainers to overcome healthcare barriers.


New Mainers to actively participate in their health.


On behalf of our local community for increased access to health resources and better health equity.


reventive measures through dietary changes, and promoting actions to better influence public health.


The level of knowledge and awareness about certain diseases and the cultural view on the disease process emphasize refugees’ asylum seekers, and immigrants traditions, religion and culture.


Through community events and dialogue, NMPHI engage their community to assess its needs and provide support about health education and promotion.

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