NH-ME LEND and New Mainers Public Health Initiative

January 20, 2020

Over the past two decades, Maine has experienced a rapid growth of racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse populations. Although Maine’s population is largely White (95%), children in Maine are disproportionately from minority populations; currently 9% of children in Maine are from a race other than White.

Lewiston, Maine is the second largest city in the state and a secondary resettlement area for refugees from Somalia (ethnic Somalis and ethnic Bantus)–meaning that these immigrants migrated to Lewiston from their initial (primary) settlement destination in the U.S…

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NMPHI Programs, in Brief

Below are the programs currently being offered by NMPHI

  • Rehabilitations Community Services (RCS)
  • Behavioral Health Professional (BHP)
  • Target Case Manager for developmental children (TCM)
  • Health Literacy (HL) – Women’s Health
  • Community Health Worker (CHWs)
  • Navigating Healthcare Field for New Mainers Youth
  • New Mainers Autism Awareness Initiative

NMPHI is committed to empower, inform, and educate New Mainers on health-related information. It is also committed to developing the capacity of the communities by mobilizing the communities’ partnerships through assessment, to solve health problems, thereby, bridging the gap of healthcare service.

Activities & Updates October ’19

Programs Activities and Updates:

  • Rehabilitations Community Services (RCS) Work with children who have developmental delays, some autistic children in Lewiston/Auburn Area.
  • Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) we now have employed eleven BHPs and two office employees. Referrals are mostly through friends and self-referrals.
  • Target Case Management for developmental delay children (TCM)
  • Health Literacy (HL) – a once a month educational and informative section that is held at B Street in Lewiston to females to learn how to care for of their health and learn about disease and other health information.

Women’s Health update

Women’s Health focuses on women and young girls on how they can take care of themselves and their bodies. Through education forum and platform women and young girls will hold discussions and have dialogue with providers and the community. Members will be afforded opportunity to learn diseases and will allow both sides to focus on the importance of self-care. NMPHI will be targeting women and young girls. NMPHI will reach out to local communities, offer adult education in Lewiston and Auburn to increase awareness of women’s health. This will help promote health among women and young girls. It will also lead to increased awareness and involvement via community participation in health-related matters not only of women and young girls but all the community.

Community Health Workers (CHWs)

Community Health Workers (CHWs) – connection and working with providers who have complicated cases that require a smooth transition and continuity of care for the patients.

Navigating Healthcare Field for New Mainers

A youth program involved in taking youths out on trips. Increased participation is leading to many youths being left behind because of transportation issues. Maximum students taken are 25 kids. Parents and children have to go through several orientations and information about the trip and program is provided to families, program what is needed, application, shot record and consent form. Second orientation advises children about the rules and regulation on the bus and parents sign.

New Mainers Autism Awareness Initiative

New Mainers Autism Awareness Initiative is a workshop to increase awareness about developmental delays and autism, to increase awareness in the community since little is known in the New Mainers community.

Field trip for youth: UMass in Boston and UNE in Sanford

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