Women’s health info session

Our women’s health informational section will be hosting a weekly virtual workshop! We will begin these workshops in late July.

These info sessions will focus on all sorts of aspects of women’s health. Check out our Facebook page to learn about upcoming topics and dates. For the first session, happening July 21, we’ll be looking at substance abuse disorder, including resources, treatments and suggestions.

Expanding health care to immigrants will help stem structural inequities, advocates say

April 12, 2021
From The Maine Beacon

For Edier Ramirez, not having access to state health care services isn’t just harmful to his physical health. Like others in a similar position, it also affects his mental health and his overall quality of life.

“They’re [many] people in the state who don’t qualify because of their immigration status, and always it’s really hurtful,” Ramirez said. 

He said many who aren’t eligible for MaineCare — the state’s Medicaid program — worry that if they go to a doctor, they won’t be able to get services or will be left with an exorbitant bill they can’t afford. As a result, people often forgo medical care, he said…

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Local COVID-19 task forces offer new approach to public health

March 7, 2021
From The Maine Monitor

In February 2020, Margaret Downing read an article that terrified her. It predicted that a novel coronavirus spreading around the world would overwhelm U.S. healthcare systems, particularly those in small communities like her town of Yarmouth. 

“It was very obvious to me that this was going to be a very bad situation,” Downing, 73, said this month. “There were going to be a lot of people that got sick, a lot of people that died. It required immediate and energetic focus. We needed to get…

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With thousands out of work and without health care, more Mainers enroll in ACA

December 3, 2020
From The Maine Beacon

Amid a pandemic that has led to thousands of Mainers losing their jobs, more people are signing up for health care plans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace during the open enrollment window, which ends Dec. 15.

From Nov. 1 (when open enrollment started) through Nov. 21, 13,595 Mainers have selected plans through HealthCare.gov. That’s an uptick over the same time period last year, said Jackie Farwell, communications director for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). ..

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