Abdi Hali

Abdi Karim

Abshrio Doorow


I came from Somalia. I love working at NMPHI because we do a lot of good work to help our community. I’ve been with NMPHI for one year.


Achmed D

Ali Hussein

Dalmar Jimale

Office Assistant

I’m from Kenya. I like working with NMPHI because they help kids. I’ve been here for one year.

Fatuma Alsw


Hassan Abdi

Hassan Hassan

Hilowle Aden


My name is Hilowle Aden popularly known as ADEN and I was born in Somalia and raised in Kenya. I currently live in Lewiston Maine and work for New Mainers Public Health Initiate as BHP and Multicultural case manager at Longley School. During my times with NMPHI, I have seen a need for people to be able to have knowledge for and be able to access a variety of services and not know where to start. In the past I have worked at CMMC and St. Mary’s as Medical Assistance and Support Solution for Mental health and developmental disabilities and knowledge of working with individuals that are on the high functioning autism / Asperger’s / PDD spectrum. I attended school; including College in Auburn and UMA in Augusta Maine. I am MHRT/C, BHP, CRMA, DSP, MANDT, MEA, Fist Aid kit and my hobbies include playing soccer, swimming, and running, watching sports, exercising and photography. I love living in Lewiston and am enjoying seeing the progress of social and economic development. I like to work in a group but can work independently. I lead a non-profit organization called United Youth Empowerment Services that provides free filming services (photos and videos) and to empower our youth by providing them experience and learning with conflict prevention, relationship building, positive environment, access to information, behavioral change and financial literacy in southern and central Maine. One thing I like about NMPHI is the professionalism, training that NMPHI provides to the current and new hire employees and well organized. I would encourage the NMPHI trainers to continue providing training and professionalism. The staffs are hard-workers and when they have downtown, they always find something to do and everyone works for this agency, love each other to smiles more to others.

Hodo Abdi

Jihan Omar

Office Manager

Originally from Somalia, Jihan has been with NMPHI for 3 years.


Muhammad Abdul


Hamdi Awil

Office Assistant

I was born in Kenya and raised in the USA. I’m in my second year at Central Maine Community College, currently majoring in Human Service. I like working at NMPHI because we help kids with mental disabilities, some of whom might otherwise be looked down upon. I’m proud that this agency provides tools to help those kids and really makes a difference in their lives. I’ve been here for three months.

Hibo Omer

Program Director

I have Bachelors in Natural and Applied of Science from USM and my Master in Public Health from UNE. I am an EthioSoMainer, I was born in Ethiopia to Somali parents and lived most of my life in America especially in Maine. So that is why I identify myself as EthioSoMainer. I am a multilingual and multicultural person who speaks, Somali, English, French, Amharic, Oromo, and Aderi fluently. I like working with people and thus working as public health education started as hobby and now became my career. I am lead educator on Women’s Health, Thrive-Developmental Delay, and Wellness for Women classes each month.I’ve been with NMPHI since June of 2015.

Amal Abdoulkader Hassan


I am from Djibouti, and I have recently came to the United States, I have master in Media and Communication and I really think that the new Mainers organization is doing a great job with sharing public health awareness programs with the new Mainers to help them to understand the system and to access the health care programs in Lewiston, ME. I’ve been with them for two months.

Bashir Shaleh


I’ve been with the organization for seven months.