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What does NMPHI do?

• Reduce health inequities in key health issues such as, diabetes, immunizations, vitamin D deficiencies, cancer, high blood pressure, and tuberculosis

• Help clarify the importance of using medication as prescribed by the client’s physician, as well as how to properly dispose of medications

• Limit the excessive use of resources, such as frequent emergency room visits, in order to promote efficiency

• Focus community members on preventive methods of health care related issues

• To inform and educate about emergency preparedness in the event of disaster to benefit families in the Maine immigrant community particularly women, children, and the elderly

• Bridge the gaps that exist between the refugee and immigrant community and the healthcare industry in Lewiston/Auburn areas

• To hold individual and group workshops in order to provide information about public health issues through the utilization of television programs, brochures, pamphlets, and through the social media

• To increase health care knowledge about the Maine immigrant community in order to understand their needs and particular health care barriers

• To empower New Mainers Public Health Initiative to overcome barriers to good health care by building on existing assets and strengths within the community

• To build health care capacity within the Maine immigrant community by using New Mainers Public Health Initiative health educators who will assist refugee and immigrant patients in accessing healthcare and who will impact key preventive health messages

• To increase the level of knowledge and awareness in the new Mainers community about key health issues and to improve overall access to healthcare.

• To increase the cultural competency of healthcare providers with an emphasis on religion, traditions, and cultural beliefs of refugees and immigrants and how these affect perceptions and expectations about public health

• To develop culturally appropriate health education materials to effectively communicate preventive health messages to the New Mainers

• To share resources and materials with health providers, such as the Maine Immigrants Health Initiative, and other relevant agencies throughout Maine in order to increase overall awareness of their health

• Work collaboratively with other established community organizations in order to bridge the gap in public health access.